iPod Touch Fun or Not!

Posted August 12, 2008 by rspress
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My iPod Touch was working well. Skyhook Wireless had finally added my router to its database and the Touch’s location services were pinpointing my house on all the apps that looked up the location information. All 70 of the App store apps were humming right along. After using it all day I tried to launch an app at around 11PM in the evening an it crashed as soon as it loaded. In fact all the app store apps would crash as soon as they launched. All of Apples included apps like Safari and mail worked just fine. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning trying to get it to work with no luck.

The next day I limped along with it and read on the internet what other people had done. I restored the iPod and the apps worked just fine but the location services no longer worked. As I was getting ready for bed that night the apps started crashing again so I had the iPod wipe itself clean and then backed it up and restored it. I was up till 5AM the next morning working on it. It seem to work but later in the day I ran into the same problem. 

Over the next few days I ran disk repair on the drives on the computer that manages my music and apps. I deleted all the apps and then got them all back in from the store one by one. On the laptop I use for firmware updating I removed the firmware for 2.0.1 and had it download it again. Finally after several days I was able to get the apps working and the location services as well.

The problem is that I now treat it with kid gloves. I don’t do all I want with the iPod because I don’t want it to start crashing again which would involve hours of working getting it going again. After I purchase extended Applecare on it I will put it through it’s paces. If I run into the problems again I will let Apple try to get it running again!

A Level app

Posted July 23, 2008 by rspress
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Hello world!

Posted July 22, 2008 by rspress
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